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WALKING ROBOT - DIY kit for Students

Updated: May 1

What is legged robot?

Legged robots are a type of mobile robot, which use articulated limbs, such as leg mechanisms, to provide locomotion. They are more versatile than wheeled robots and can traverse many different terrains, though these advantages require increased complexity and power consumption. Generally, a robot which can traverse with the help of legs or limbs is called a walking robot. ... A bipedal robot is one in which terrestrial locomotion takes place with the help of two legs or limbs.

Walking robots have advantages over other types of locomotion when looking at real world applications: They can traverse unstructured terrains that are too complex for wheeled robots.


Body chassis[Part A 3 (2 Nos.)]

Body chassis Supporter [Part A 4 (2 Nos.)]

Gear mount [Part a 1 (2 Nos.)]

Gears : Driver Gears Part – A 7 (1 Nos), Driven Gears Part – A6 (2 Nos.)

Gear Shaft Interlock..

Battery Mount [Part A 5 (4 Nos.)]

Upper Limbs & Lower Limbs [Part B 2 (4 Nos.)]

Legs [Part B 1 (2 Nos.)]

Foot [Part B 4 (2 Nos.)]

Face [Part A 8 (1 Nos.)]

Locks [Part A 7 (4 Nos.)]

Circle Lock [(5 Nos.)]

Leg Foot Connector [Part B 3 (2 Nos.)]

Battery Snap

Gear Motor


After confirming all the joints are affixed properly, you can start the motor to test the Robot. Attach battery snap with the 9 v Battery and the motor start rotating. Due to the mechanical structure of the robot, the rotation of the motor’s shaft, transforms into a to and fro motion of the legs of the robot.

Since the legs are placed at a different angle, when one leg is forward, the other leg is at the back and the rotating motor will cause them to change positions alternatively, and a walking motion is simulated.


Gears are mechanical parts with cut teeth designed to mesh with teeth on another part so as to transmit or receive force and motion. The cut teeth are also sometimes called cogs. ... In Robotics Gears are used to transfer rotational forces between axles. They can change speed and direction.


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