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PICO TURBINE - DIY kit for Students

Updated: Apr 30

Our team built and tested 2 original Pico Turbine kits. When one we thought was the stronger of the two failed due to design flaws and shoddy materials, we decided to improve upon the original using better components.

Building of Improved Pico Turbine:

During a meeting after the 11/6 class, we came up with 2 possible concepts for our improved wind turbine.

One was a Triple Helix Wind Turbine. It is a lift design, and therefore it could spin faster than the wind speed.

The other was a Double Helix design; it caught wind from all directions, and was sturdy enough

to endure high wind speeds. We agreed that this design would be the way to go. We agreed to have our first meeting on 11/8 at Tyco in Cranston.


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