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Updated: Apr 30

Children Age : 11 To 15

Children Skills : Observation, Problem-solving, Critical thinking, Fine motor skills, Creativity

Toss the Buzzing Stunt Magnets into the air. The two hematite magnets fly and collide, wrestling for equilibrium in a clattering, buzzing, Cicada sounding collision until they land at rest, centered and quiet in your cupped hands. Pair of powerful ellipsoidal hematite magnets, their poles aligned through their narrow circumferences, allow you to demonstrate the constant striving of the magnets to stay in perfect balance with each other. Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also great for hand-eye coordination.

Tips and tricks for buzz magnets:

1) Buzz toss: Rest one buzz magnet between your forefinger and thumb and rest the other magnet between the thumb and middle finger. Gently toss the Buzz Magnets up in the air to create erratic buzzing and chirping sounds.

2) Buzz popper: Start off by clasping the magnets between your thumb and two fingers. Squeezing gently will spin the magnets briefly in the air, producing a mysterious buzz sound. Try spinning them from one hand into the other. The higher into the air you spin them, the longer they buzz and chirp.

3) Pinch: Place the magnets on a smooth surface. Pinch the ends together with your thumb and forefinger, then release. The magnets will emit a pleasant fluttering sound as they spin around the surface. Experiment with different surfaces to produce varying noises.

4) Buzz power Place one of the magnets on the backside of your fingers and the other on the inside of your hand. The super strength of the magnets will affect each other right through your fingers Gentle warning: These are very strong magnets. Keep away from magnetic sensitive objects, such as, but not limited to: Pacemaker, computer parts, credit cards, and TV sets. Play above soft durable surface.

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