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WIND POWER WATER PUMP - DIY kit for Students

Updated: May 1


Friends, many of you are introduced to windmill during road trips through the rural areas.Powered by wind energy, the wind mill is designed to convert the energy supplied by the wind, as it turns the blade of the windmill, into an electrical or mechanical energy. Originally, windmills were used to grind corn into meal, and later as a means of pumping water or to produce electric energy. Here you have working model of windmill water pump, which is a conversion of wind energy into mechanical energy. It pulls out the water from the underground well. Many of you are introduced to windmill during road trips through the rural areas.


To make this model a fan blade is connected at some height with the help of four stands on a horizontal axis. A pulley is connected with the axial of the fan blade. The pulley is then connected with another pulley at the bottom. The axial of the fan blade is also connected with the vertical rod which is connected with the piston of the syringe. An outlet valve is connected at the mouth of the syringe and transparent tube is joined with the out let valve. A container is placed below it as a source or resource of water. Fill water in the container placed on the plastic base and rotate the lower side pulley with the help of steel rod.


Windmill water pump are machine that harness the power and energy of the wind to pull out the water from the deep down. A Windmill comes in two basic types-horizontal axis or vertical axis machine. Most often horizontal axis windmill is seen. The blade and the hub rotate as air streams by. The shape of the blade "channels" the air,and creates region for higher and lower pressure that results in net force being applied to the blade, which cause it to turn. This rotational motion represents mechanical energy that will eventually drive the rod up and down. Due to up and down motion of rod the piston attached with it also moves up and down. Due to upward motion of piston the water from the container gets sucked and the syringe gets filled with water.Then, due to downward motion of rod, piston moves down and the water syringe instead of coming out from mouth of syringe the water goes into the transparent tube through the outlet valve. This phenomenon goes on and the water can be pulled out from deep down. Through this type of Wind mill water pump water can be pulled out from about 10 feet. The water, the then can be used for irrigation purpose .This is how the wind mill water pump works. Widely it is used in the rural areas. Itis the best alternative of electricity.


1.Which type of energy is wind energy?


(b) nonrenewable,

(c) (a) and

(b) both

2. In wind mill water pump, wind energy is converted into ...

(a)electrical energy,

(b) light energy,

(c) mechanical energy

3. Wind mill can be used to...

(a) generate electricity,

(b) for pulling water out,

(c) (a) and

(b) both


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