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KALEIDOSCOPE - DIY kit for Students

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument consisting of two or more reflecting surfaces. These surfaces are tilted towards each other at a certain angle to obtain symmetrical patterns when viewed from the other end. The tube with reflecting surfaces consists of colored pieces of glass. By rotating the tube, symmetrical images are created.



Mirrored Perspex (3 Pieces)

Eye Piece


Adhesive tap

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? - You might have noticed that the kaleidoscope works on white light shifting through the mirrors inside. When students look through the mirror, they will find different colour patterns owing to the symmetrical design formed by the mirrors placed at the right places. In a kaleidoscope, the sunlight is bounced by the glass which creates magnificent picturesque patterns. These patterns offer an excellent visual treat to the person who looks through the kaleidoscope. It’s fun to watch and observe the mixing and matching pattern created insides the kaleidoscopes.

PRINCIPLE OF KALEIDOSCOPE The basic principles used in the kaleidoscope are the law of reflection, and white light is a combination of VIBGYOR. When the white light hits the surface of the mirror, it gets reflected at an angle such that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. Due to these multiple reflections of light, there is a creation of these beautiful patterns. According to the second principle, white light passes through the coloured objects present in the kaleidoscope so that most of the light is absorbed by these objects.

KALEIDOSCOPE USES - Kaleidoscope is an optical toy consisting of two mirrors at a particular angle. Some common uses of the kaleidoscope are: Kaleidoscope produces beautiful patterns that are used by fashion designers. A kaleidoscope is used as a toy for entertainment.


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