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Tree Mover - DIY kit for Students

Updated: May 1


Trees not only clean the air we breathe,but they also provide us with beauty,shade,privacy and so much more.Tree Mover scan help you regardless of whether you're looking to add or remove trees from your landscape.

Tree Movers offers tree and plant relocation.This includes moving trees with in the same location or to and from other locations. Tree and plant installations. This includes trees and plants acquired through A to Z specimen trees or trees and plants you may already have or acquired from another source. Tree and plant salvages I recycling program. This includes situations where your unwanted trees or plants are in a demolition, re landscape or construction zoned area and may have salvage I recycle value to us. Tree movers is an organization composed of experienced and trained professionals in the art of installing,relocating and salvaging I recycling mature

specimen trees and plants.


Chassis, Syringe(8),

Transparent Tube,PVC Sticks(Various Size),

Plastic Stand,Plastic Wheels(4),

Metal Rod(Various Size), Nut+Bolt(Assorted),

Cable Tie,

Metal Plates,M D F,Instant Adhesive.


1. Blades (The tree mover comprises Blades having concave inner surfaces pivoted between an open position for digging and a closed position for lifting. Pusher blades are mounted so as to be closely spaced from said inner surfaces and to be movable between a raised position and a lowered position.These pusher blades enable the integrity of a root ball of a tree to be retained.They also may be used to cleandirt from the surface of the bucket.)

2. Lift in garms (Arms for lifting are very similar to a J CB cranes)

3. Controller (Hydraulically driven Controller)

How lt Works

Tree Movers with 30", 50" and 65" trees pade s that allow us to remove, transport and re-plant fully mature trees to areas where they can continue to benefit our environment. The best part is, you can help preserve our local environment for about the same cost of chopping it down and hauling it out.

Benefits of Tree Moving

Instant results that will dramatically improve your landscape.

In addition to the many environmental benefits, moving fully mature trees to your property can also provide immediate privacy and shade while givingy our landscape an appeal that can't be achieved with saplings. Tree Movers gives you the ability to skip decades of waiting for your trees to mature and allows you to achieve the benefits of fully mature trees in a matter of hours.


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