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SPIDER - DIY kit for Students

Updated: May 1

Looks like a spider. Moves like a spider.

Spider robot resemblance to a real spider with fine movements, programmability, and customizability. controlling multi-legged walking robots, there are endless possibilities for the types of bio-inspired, realistic movements that the robot can make.

The Klann research linkage provides many of the benefits of more advanced walking robot spider vehicles without some of their limitations. It can step over the curbs, climb stairs, or travel into areas that are currently not accessible with the wheels but does not require microprocessor control or multitudes of inefficient actuator mechanisms. It fits into robot spider technological void between these walking devices and axel-driven wheels.

The mechanism is an expansion of Burmester theory that converts rotary motion of the crank to linear movement of the foot for one-half rotation of the crank and raises the foot for the second half, returning it to the starting point. Two of these linkages, 180 degrees out of phase, will function as a wheel replacement.

A single leg is a six-bar linkage that consists of the frame, crank, connecting arm, lower rocker, leg and an upper rocker. The ground points for the upper and lower rocker in this configuration are vertically in line to allow a coupled pair of legs to articulate like the front wheels of a typical car for steering.

A multitude of various other configurations are possible as described in the enabling portion of the patents that cover this linkage with alternate grounded pivot points in Mechanical Spider.



Turning mechanism


Power Mechanisms



The shaft from the Double Shaft Motor (engine) turns the another shaft (Counter shaft), which turns the Driver gear on the right. This gear transmits the rotation from the axis of one gear to the axis of another. The teeth of a gear one one axis mesh with the teeth of a gear on another, thus creating a relationship between the rotation of the two axes. When one axis is spun, the other will too. Two gears of different sizes will make their two axes spin at different speeds.

For reversing the gear, interchange the Battery Snap connections which will cause the main shaft to move in reverse direction.


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