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Newton Colour Disc - DIY kit for Students

Make the spinning top spin by quickly moving your fingers. Now you can carry out various experiments


A.] colour -mixing” disk:While the spinning top is spinning colors which are not on the disk appear.

Why?: The images of the colors in motion remain in the eyes which transmits them to the brain in a mixture of colors. When the disk is still all the colors are transmitted to the brain one-by-one

B.] .-creating” disk: Shades of various colors appear near the black lines.

Why?: While the disk is in motion the eye receive flashes of black and white which produce the effect in the brain of seeing colors.

C.] “magic” disk: If you carefully watch the spinning top while it is spinning and lit up by a light, at a certain point the sections of the disc create the perception that the spinning top shows down, then stops for a second and then it spins in the opposite direction.

Why?: Domestic light flash extremely quickly (faster than the human eye can see) and this create the impression of seeing the disc come to rest and the illusion that it then spins in the opposite direction. (By the light of the Sun or when

using a torch this phenomenon does not happen).



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