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Coin Vending Machine - DIY kit for Students


A vending machine is an " electronic machine used to disperse a product to a consumer after a certain amount of money has been put into the machine .A vending machine is a machine which dispenses items such as snacks beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, cologne, consumer products, and even gold and gems to customer automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into the machine.

Thefirstmoderncoin-operatedvendingmachineswereintroducedinLondonintheUnitedKingdomintheearly1880s,dispensing postcards.ThemachinewasinventedbyPercivalEverittin1883andsoonbecameawidespreadfeatureatrailwaystationsandpostoffices,dispensing envelopes, postcards, and notepaper. The Sweet meat Automatic Delivery Company was founded in 1887 in England as the first company to deal primarily with the installation and main tenancy of vending machines.


1. User depos its co in into coin slot on outside of machine. Coin slot is dimensioned to the width and height for the thick est and largest diameter coin to be accepted.

2. Coin rolls down,and the Coin Slot consists of two solenoids with their axis perpendicular to the longitudinal wall of the slot. Current is run through one so lenoid which then generates a field perpendicular to the coinax is of revolui on. The magnetic field passes through the coin,is attenuated bythe coin's material properties and geometry before be in greceived by the solenoid at the opposite end. The field passing along the axis of the second coil generates a specific pattern of electric current, which can be matched with the correct coin.

3. a) Coin also activates switch that b} pullsslide member to ward wall of Coin Vending Machine by means of electromagnet, thereby prevent in gan other coin from entering.

The Coin Slot sends information to timing mechanism for turning on of electromagnetic device that opens flap armature and Chocolates comes out from the Machine.



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