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BI-PED ROBOT - DIY kit for Students


On connecting the battery with the battery snap the Robot starts moving forward .


On connecting the battery with the motor,the motor starts moving and both the shaft connector attached to its axel starts rotating

.These shafts are connected with the bolt as well as legs. As the bolts are vertically opposite, there will be a difference in motion of legs so that the one leg moves first and then the other.

Due to the friction of the I shaped legs on the surface, the robot moves forward . So we learnt the mechanism by which a simple Bi-ped-robot moves.


•This Bi-ped-robot is sometimes also referred as humanoids.Humanoid Robots are used as a research tool in several scientific areas.

The Robot also performs the task like personal assistance; they assist the sick and elderly people,removes dirt or performs dangerous jobs .

•If the proper software is installed in the robots they could theoretically perform any task as a human being can.

Robots are well known for providing entertainment too.


1....... are fixed vertically opposite for difference in motion of legs?

(a) Bolts,

(b) Nuts,

(c) Rivets

2 .Due to the friction of the Is haped legs on the surface, the robot moves .......

(a) Forward,

(b) Backward,

(c) Upward


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