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BALLOON BOAT - DIY kit for Students

Fix the in water. Wow! It moves!

balloon on the color side of the cap. Blow the balloon. Hold it properly between your 2 fingers so the air should not go out and fix it on the Boat. Keep the boat Jet action of the air coming out of balloon gives push to the boat to move in water. You may widen the hole to make it move faster. This safe and entertaining toy is a very good example of Newton's third law of motion.

What’s happening?

The air in the balloon is much like pressurized gas in a rocket. When the pressurized air escapes it creates a thrust that propels your balloon rocket car forward. This is because of one of Newton’s Laws of Motion: For every action,gas escaping from the balloon in one direction, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the balloon moving in the other direction. Now to do more with your experiment, try filling the balloon with more or less air and see how far it travels each time.


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