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AIR COOLER - DIY kit for Students

Air cooling is commonly defined as rejecting heat from an object by flowing air over the surface of the object, through means of convection. Air cooling requires that the air must be cooler than the object or surface from which it is expected to remove heat

The function of an air cooler is similar to that of an evaporator. What makes it different is the type of cooling medium it uses An air cooler is a heat exchanger used to cool and/or dehumidify the air. Brine (water with glycol) is typically used as a coolant in air coolers or some other secondary coolant can be used. An air cooler can, for example, be copper or steel pipe onto which aluminum fins are fitted.The cooling medium flowing through the heat exchanger cools the aluminum fins, where heat is exchanged between the cooling medium and the air. The air that is to be cooled / dehumidified is forced over the aluminum fins by a fan. Air cooler sare used for air conditioning in buildings, industrial air cooling processes, etc.

Attach 9 V Battery with the Battery Snap and feel cool and breezy air.

When warm air is drawn into an Air Cooler,it passes through a wet honeycomb cooling media. As it passes through the honeycomb cooling media, water flowing over it absorbs heat from the air causing the water to evaporate. This result in cooler, moisturized air. A powerful fan then propels this cool air into the room (or outdoor area). The result is a constant flow of fresh,moisturized, cool air while stale air is circulated out of the room through an open window or door. An air conditioner works by pulling hot air inside a container, cool it down and then push the cold air out. An

evaporative cooler, sometimes referred to as a swamp cooler,utilizes water-soaked pads to cool the air. This process works because a fan pulls hot air into the unit, sending it through a series of pads that helps evaporate the liquid into a gas which then blows out cooler than it was when it entered the unit.



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